Sunday 5 August 2018

Sunday 5th August's post

For some unknown reason I've woken up really angry this morning and I don't know why.  My supplements not going down straight away prolly didn't help the anger I'm feeling and the recycling bottles that kept slipping down make me hurl 2 of them into the hall in a fit of rage.

Still feeling really angry but starting to calm down now, thankfully.

Got 2 bottles of 120 Iron pills left to take, so I'll open one of the bottles tomorrow morning and put the other one on Freegle then put in the order for the Multivitamin and Mineral later today.

I daren't take Mitzi out for her walk just yet so that I don't take my anger out on her for no reason... I'll give meself a while to calm down then see how I feel at lunchtime.  If I've calmed down enough I'll take her for her walk then, if not it'll be this evening.

I hate feeling angry... it's only happened since I came off the AD!

That's the bin and recycling out and Mitzi's poo cleared up.  We need to get some kind of gardner to come over and totally rip out all the plants in the back yard 'cos the bedroom window is completely covered in whatever has grown over the wall from next door, the kitchen window is totally surrounded and it makes me dread going out there to clear up the pup's poo on a Sunday.

We've also got 2  old toilets out there that I doubt anyone will take so we might as well make a feature out of them and plant some flowers in the bowls or something! lol

It's out there for us to use, but we don't right now 'cos of whatever it is that's grown over the wall, which I reckon is a weed given how fast it's grown, but we need help with it, whatever it is... we'll be able to have a barbecue out there as soon as it's sorted and Mitzi won't be stuck in just one little gangway like she is right now either.

Neither of us are green-fingered so the less that's out there, the better as far as I'm concerned!

That's me supplements ordered... under £17 for a years supply of 1 pill instead of getting on for £45 for a years supply of 3 pills and it's suitable for vegetarians as well as having everything in it so I'm gonna put the second Iron bottle and 2 watches on Freegle now lol

That's the watches and Iron offered now, so I've just gotta wait for them to be picked up now!

3 surveys done and dusted this morning but the pup isn't any kind of interested in going for a walk, she's just laying in her bed not wanting to move!  😞

Just walked the pup... it's soooo hot out there and it isn't much better inside now either, even with the fan going 24/7!!

2 surveys done and dusted so far today.

I'll hopefully be getting me pair of eBay jeans with the post either tomorrow or Tuesday... I just hope they fit!  Got another pair that is in the final hour of being on eBay and I'm the only bidder for those too, so I'll hopefully have 2 pairs of jeans in my hands by this time next week!  I've got my eye on a couple of denim jackets too, but wanna have the jeans in my hands and fitting me before I invest in that too!  lol

In theory, I'll have one pair of jeans arriving tomorrow or Tuesday and I've just won the second pair that'll be here on Thursday or Friday which ain't bad going for £13 including postage!  There was a third pair of jeans that I didn't win 'cos the biding got past £15 just for the jeans then another fiver for postage, so I might as well have got a new pair for that price and I got 2 jeans *including* postage for less than just the jeans cost too which is awesome!

I just hope they both fit and aren't falling apart at the seams lol

Steve took a couple of photo's of the Iron pills and 2 watches that I worked out how to add to Freegle so hopefully my email will be approved and sent to the members so that they can get gone too.

Gonna be a busy week next week lol

Third take-away of the week... not happy.  👎 😞

Especially not happy now 'cos the only things that have passed my lips since I went to bed last night is a litre of flavoured water, 3 supplements, 5 mouthfuls of squash, 3 garlic mushrooms, 2 onion rings and a couple of strands of coleslaw.

That's it.

Nothing else.

Got a can of ginger beer to reduce the nausea from the coleslaw and a bottle of cold, peach-flavoured tea and I'm not going to be able to take me prescription this evening, thanks to the nausea.

Next time we go to Yummies I'll have a portion of garlic mushrooms, a portion of onion rings and that's it 'cos Steve had more of me tea than I did 'cos it wasn't suitable for vegetarians with a dairy allergy  😞

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