Wednesday 8 August 2018

Wednesday 8th August's post

Already taken me hayfever pill, had a bath and got dressed 'cos I'm meeting up with C today.  The watch and supplements will hopefully go this afternoon and the new Multi-vitamin with multi-minerals will come with the post and the second pair of jeans will hopefully arrive today too!

That's the pup walked and fed too, so I've just got my supplements to take when I get back from seeing C then the watch and hopefully Iron pills taken then I can finish off writing chapter 2 lol

Cat poo cleared up and bagged ready for the RSPCA to test if they want or need to, hands scrubbed just to be sure and supplements taken.

Both the watch and the Iron pills are going today... it's amazing how much landfill I've saved over the years just from freecycleing/freegleing stuff I don't want any more!  Got rid of a broken laptop, 3 smartphones, 4 watches (by tonight) and supplements in the last six months alone!

I've been totally honest about each of them - the laptop was broken so it was taken to be used as parts, the watches have all worked, they just needed new batteries, the phones were just very old and I had replaced them and the supplements were no longer needed because I'd got a multi-vitamin so didn't need them any more!  I saved room and other people saved money by getting things they wouldn't have been able to get any other way without paying through the nose for!

I've yet to receive anything from Freecycle/Freegle but that's not why I joined... I wanted to give stuff away that I no longer wanted but was still totally usable and I saved a little tiny bit of landfill too, which is great going I reckon... I hope the Green Man and Gaia are proud of me for that!

That's the second watch and Iron supplements picked up so now I'm just waiting for my order from Simply Supplements to turn up... I'm not in any hurry 'cos I've still got about 2 months supply of my current ones left!  lol

Gonna spend the rest of the evening working on surveys then I'm having an early night and I'll hopefully carry on writing tomorrow  👌😃

Yet another take-away for tea.  Pizza tonight *sigh*

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