Saturday 11 August 2018

Saturday 11th August 2018

Our little senior puppy doesn't want to go for walkies this morning!  😕  I'll keep trying to persuade her, but she's more interested in sleeping right now!  😟

Gonna take me supplements now then try again in a couple of hours or something 😟

 That's me 3 supplements done and dusted for today.  The Iron was a nightmare to swallow for some reason today, but the Calcium and Multi were fine... weird.

We seem to have our UKTV channels back after Virgin got into a tizzy a week or so ago.  They obviously had too many complaints and customers leaving that they thought "oh poo" and grovelled to the UKTV bods to take them back!

The programmes Steve had set up to record have vanished, but presumably they are easy enough to set up again!

Yaaaaay!  I can catch up on The Bill and Masterchef again now... they were the only programmes I watched lol

I genuinely haven't missed watching TV though... 'onest!  I couldn't have cared if the TV had been on or off but those 2 hours of telly a day are a welcome return to my viewing!

36 hours later and I'm still virus free, so gonna back up my hard drive again, then carry on critting this YA novel and I can have an early night for a change!  It's taken me almost 7 hours just to crit the first chapter!!

I is stuffed to the gills now and I've still got a portion of onion rings to eat!!

I is cream crackered so I'm going to put the bottle of Tango in the fridge, head to bed and hope I achieve more tomorrow than I have today!

Nite nite orl!

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