Monday, 13 August 2018

Monday 13 August 2018

Just taken me supplements after Steve reminded me and they went down pretty easily this morning!  Only 4 mouthfuls of squash to get them down instead of the usual 5 or 6 or, on a particularly hard-to-swallow day, half a litre!!

Not going to take the pup for her walk this morning 'cos she's going to see the vet for hopefully the last time about her skin.

She only had half a body of fur, after her previous owners didn't want to treat it, when we first brought her home from the Dogs Trust back in 2010 and had to have a bath every other day with a prescription shampoo.  Her skin has been similar to that but we nipped it in the bud as soon as we realised it was happening again.

She's been being treated for a few weeks now and we're hoping this'll be the last vet visit she needs because she's only got one steroid left and her skin is a lot better now, thankfully!

Only got a little bit left to crit in the book... the author was aiming for 16 year old readers but changed their mind yesterday.  It's gonna be published in September but needs oneheckuva lot more editing and needs to be at least tripled in length too!  I'm glad they've already got a publisher but hope they aren't being taken for a ride like I was back in 2012!

Had another author email me for a review of their book overnight.  This one is about improving your memory so this one will be interesting to try out and I'll definitely try out any techniques within it and give it an honest review... might be a bit unfair that my memory problems are due to having a damaged brain, but it'll be the ultimate test for the book, and, if the techniques work it'll help me if I start studying with the OU next year!

Our little senior pup is baaaaack!!  Apparently she wanted to make friends with a greyhound/lurcher type dog at the end of the road while they were waiting for Marie and she made friends with a bulldog while she was waiting in the vet's too... such a friendly girl!

She's still on the steroids but it's every other day now instead of the every day it's been for a few weeks and she's up to date with her jabs and we've just got to keep an eye on her ears and wipe them out when necessary now.

The pup has also got a comedian fan online apparently too.  The comedienne was missing her dogs and asked for photo's of her followers dogs, so Steve put up a picture of Mitzi and the commedienne apparently replied saying she looks like a model!

That's it for vet visits unless she needs to go back again now though, just gotta finish off the steroids and keep an eye on her ears but she hasn't got to go back any more!  Yaaaaay!

And the crit's finished after 2.5 loooooong days reading and critting it.  It's got potential, but there are a LOT of errors that a simple editing will solve.  It's also only 61k words apparently, so the author needs to find another 39k words to make it into a novel as opposed to a novella, yet the publisher has said it'll be published in September... a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time unfortunately  😔

Gonna give myself the rest of the day off, then read and review the memory improvement book tomorrow!  You watch me forget though lol

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