Tuesday 21 August 2018

Tuesday 21st August 2018

It's taken me all morning to persuade the pup to go for her daily walk but only managed half of it before refusing to go any further.  She's a senior girl so maybe she's feeling her age now?  I'll see if she wants to go for the other half this afternoon... maybe she needs two shorter walks a day instead of one longer one?  Either way, I'm taking my lead from her now that she's an old lady... you wouldn't force a 63 year old to run a marathon every day, so I'm not going to force the pup to walk further than she wants to either.

We're going over to see my little nephew on Monday afternoon so the pup will either have to go for her walk before we go or wait until we come home then.  We'll get our groceries on Tuesday instead of Monday next week too.

Just taken me hayfever pill and supplements... they all went down surprisingly easily today!!  Just one mouthful of squash for each of 'em!  I like it when they go down like that, makes it so much easier lol

4 completed surveys so far today, so it's a good day survey-wise!

If I'm not awarded ESA in November, what sort of online, remote working job could/should I look for in an ideal world?

I'm creatively passionate about working with children and qualified to work with kids aged 12 months to 7 years 11 months as well as being an audio touch typist who knows basic html and css.

I write for all ages from picture books to young adults (ie teens) and I'm hoping for a minimum of £500 a month at the bare minimum.  I'm willing to work up to 12 hours a day at an absolute maximum, but would prefer part time at least initially so that I can still study and write.

I'm picky and stubborn so apparently proof-reading would be a good remote working job for me and I'd love to give it a go, but is it a stable job bringing in at least £500 a month?

Most ideas considered!  Just leave me a comment in reply to this post so that I can start my research!

If you're not comfortable leaving your name, just leave me your first initial so that I can thank you!

I was wrong to think I could trust the only three people I'd started to trust.  Steve's broken my trust numerous times, C broke my trust for the ESA thing (apparently I can walk a mile with no support) and D's just broken my trust on SCBWI.

I had my trust broken as a child and it's taken 25 years to work through it with three people who promised that I could trust them and just as I was starting to, they broke my trust.

The only person I will ever trust from now on is myself.

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