Saturday 4 August 2018

Saturday 4th August's post

That's the pup walked and fed.  We met our neighbours from the end of the street and Mitzi's little tail was wagging like mad, bless 'er.

She needs more food bless 'er too... been asking Steve to phone his family about it for a week and she's rapidly running out now.

Gonna take me supplements now, then make a start on today's surveys now that I've finished the editing and synopsis writing.

Me supplements went down really easily today, so I dunno why I've had so much trouble with them the last few days!  Got a single Iron pill left then I'll go rootin' around in my supplements box to see if I've got any more 'cos I can't remember which ones I've got left and which I need to order more of so I'll take the final Iron tomorrow, bin the bottle and have a look to see which supplements I've got left.

That's me sorted for the day now though, so it's time to make a start on the survey's.

Steve's just phoning his mum about getting more food for the pup at some point next week and getting his medical appointments sorted at the same time too.

Onwards with the surveys!

8 completed surveys so far.

Virus scan finito for another week and I'm virus free again, thankfully.  Gonna back up my stuff then shut the laptop down and have an early night.

Just finished the back-up so I'm gonna publish this then shut down and head to bed... bet I'll still be awake at 11pm though, just like I always am  lol

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