Sunday 12 August 2018

Sunday 12th August 2018

The pup only wanted half of her walk today... she was eager to go out, unlike yesterday, but she point blank refused to do the other half of her walk which usually means she needs a poo urgently and is being kind by not doing it in the street in case I fall over and can't get back up.

Nope, she came in, had her harness taken off then went to graze on her breakfast!  I hope she's not in pain or anything now that she's a senior but I don't know why she's getting so stubborn about either not going for a walk at all that entire day (like she did yesterday) or only wanting a very short walk (like today).  I just want her to be well and happy is all!

It's amazing what can be achieved when me an' 'im work as a team instead of sworn enemies.  Just like last week I took the recycling box out backwards while Steve took out the rubbish bag that's usually too heavy for me to lift and this week we had a full blue bag of cardboard recycling to go out too.

We worked as a team and got it all out there ready for tomorrow morning then I took some last minute bottles out for the recycling too.

Just gotta clear up the pup's poo and put it in the rubbish bag, then that's it for another week!

Gonna hopefully finish critting the book by bed time then I can spend all of tomorrow doing surveys and hopefully writing my own manuscript too... wish me luck!

That's the pup's poo cleared up... slimey and gross 'cos of last nights rain, but it's only once a week thankfully.

Almost forgot to take me supplements!  They are done and dusted for the day now though and I surprised myself by being able to swallow all 3 of them with the squash that was left at the bottom of the bottom of the bottle instead of needing gallons to swallow them like I usually do!

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