Saturday, 21 January 2023

Today's (21st January 2023) breakfast photo

I decided to have my second caffeinated drink of the week about 2 minutes before I remembered that I hadn't had breakfast this morning lol

T'was 2 slices of wholemeal bread, dairy-free spread and an orange juice alongside my coffee for breakfast today, so I'll be weeing for England all morning now lol  I'm over my daily calorie budget again already, so hopefully I'll have put on some weight when I weigh myself on Monday.

I'm going to my late hubby's wake tomorrow, so there will be very few calories and liquid consumed then otherwise I'll be wetting myself while I'm there which would be even more embarrassing than if it happened while in the street 'cos the vast majority of people there will be Steve's family and maybe some friends so I'd never live it down if it happened in front of them.  Gotta love having an OAB on top of all my other disabilities!

Here's today's breakfast photo:

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