Sunday 22 January 2023

Today's (22nd January 2023) breakfast photo

This'll be my only meal today 'cos of going to a wake later on this morning and being there all day.  I won't drink much either, for the same reason, but that's OK 'cos I've been significantly over my calorie budget for the rest of the week, so missing 1 meal and 2 litres of liquids ain't so bad... I hope!

Today's breakfast was just two slices of toast, dairy-free spread and a bottle of orange juice which is already my full day's worth of calories, so that's reassuring too.

There's enough bread left for tomorrow's breakfast, then it'll be cereal and soya milk for a while.  There's about 3 or 4 loaves of bread in the freezer but I can't be arsed to take the next loaf out yet 'cos I need a change from the toast for a while.

I'm still experimenting with foods and apparently all the carers can cook pasta and rice dishes as well as oven things, so that'll start to get rid of the jars next week and will free up room in the cupboard for single portion meals instead of having to split them over a couple of days.

Here's today's breakfast photo:

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