Wednesday 22 April 2015

1.5 times Mitzi's normal walk today!

I usually walk Mitzi up to the top of the street and back 4 times every morning.

That's our normal routine.

Steve had a couple of people from the railway coming over today and her boyfriend was having a noisy conversation with her this morning so we only went up and down the street once this morning.

When the railway bods came over, I took the pup up and down the road as normal, but I took her the full length of the street instead of to our door this time which Steve reckons is half the normal length again.

Soooo, Mitzi had her normal 4 times up and down the street plus 2 more lengths from taking her for a longer walk while the railway bods were here.

The poor little pup is totally wiped out now!  Bless her little furry paws!

It's a gorgeous day out there, hot with a gentle breeze blowing and a cloudless blue sky that is "my blue" right now!

I'm going to jump in a cool bath later on... just got to rest my poor legs first so that they aren't frozen solid when I get in!  lol

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