Saturday 25 April 2015

Yesterday afternoon

I met my little nephew for the first time yesterday and held him for a while... what a little cutie!

I definitely felt my maternal instincts waking up and wanting my own little cutie but Steve says he's too old now  :-(

I also had my hair cut and it looked good yesterday, but now, like when I was a child, my hair forms a triangle which I really didn't want - if she'd taken the inch off then it would have been fine, but nope, she "took off a little bit more than an inch" and my hair now looks like a triangle because of the thickness of my hair not being stretched out by the heaviness any more.

So, again, I'll not have my hair cut by her any more.  She's a good hairdresser, I'm not denying that, but I know how my hair goes when it's short so from now on, I'll grow it again.  *sigh*  I'll wait until it's shoulder length then have it trimmed if I feel like it, but shoulder length is the shortest I'll go from now on  :-(

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