Tuesday 14 April 2015

The more I go down there, the more I appreciate them!

Just been down to Vision Express for the second time (first time was last Thursday) in a week and I'm impressed just how much they value their customers!

I'm now a new customer with my first appointment on Thursday afternoon and I've already chosen the 2 frames I want with the lenses included!  I've got 2 frames for £79 each and the only extra's to pay are for thinning the lenses and anti-glare coating and things like that, as well as the sight test because I'm a new customer is the only extra and it's under £30 too!  That means it's all in for less than I used to pay just for 1 set of lenses!

I used to pay £200 for 1 set of lenses, £25 for the sight test and £300 for one set of frames!  Minimum!

With Vision Express I'll be paying less for 2 frames, 2 sets of lenses and a sight test for less than I used to pay for one set of lenses!

They also offer faster appointment booking (2 days instead of a week) at a time that suits me (3.45pm) instead of crow-barring me in to whatever time suited them and it sounds, from what I've read on their site, like it's a more comprehensive test too!  They do 3 or 4 tests compared to just the sight test for only £5 more!

Why didn't I go with them from the start, FFS?  Assuming they put me at my ease and answer any questions I have on Thursday, they'll be getting a 5 star review from me!

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