Sunday 26 April 2015

Mitzi bit a little bit off her lead this morning, so...

...I asked Steve if we had a spare lead, he said no, so I got paranoid about taking Mitzi for her walk this morning and we only did a quarter of it before my paranoia took over  :-(

Steve's ordered 2 leads from Pets At Home and paid a tenner for next day delivery, so as soon as the leads arrive tomorrow I'll take our little pup on 7 lengths of the street instead of 4 to make up for it this morning... she'll be wiped out when we eventually get home!  Technically though, today's mini walk was covered on Thursday when I took her on a marathon walk while Steve had his railway meeting in here so technically today is covered but I'll take her on a longer one as soon as the leads arrive and next time Mitzi bites through her lead and I ask Steve if we've got a spare one, he'll be able to say yes!  lol

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