Friday 17 April 2015

Achieved so much already this afternoon!

I was going to call Betterlife and Vision Express this morning but kept putting it off.

Since being called about my new glasses being ready, 20 minutes ago, I've called them both and sorted everything out!

It's amazing how brilliant that call about my new glasses made me feel and how much it motivated me to do everything so quickly and easily!

Betterlife are going to get someone to call me on Monday to help me get the right part for the lap belt and Vision Express are going to pass the message on to the Optician to put my diagnosis' in my notes!

I'm going to email Chris now to see if we can meet up on Sunday or if he'll still be at the conference... either way, it's all sorted now... I'll get my new glasses at the weekend, whether Chris and H are with me or not then I'll get the call about the lap belt on Monday, med review on Tuesday and then I'll be used to my new vision by Wednesday.

Like Steve said, I might be able to tell the difference between HD channels and non-HD channels on the TV when I get the glasses!  lol

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