Thursday 9 April 2015

What an awesome afternoon!

Just got back from having lunch with Chris and H and we achieved so much in 3.5 hours!

I tried to get Patrick put together ready to go at 11.45am but I couldn't get him past the car so threw a strop and brought him back into the hall then got my quad cane and waited outside for Chris and H to arrive.

When I explained about the situation, they moved the bins and got Patrick out and set up for me, then we went in to town.

We achieved so much!

First off we had lunch.  H was given the wrong food.

That didn't bode well for the rest of the afternoon!

Then I went into my first ever disabled toilet and couldn't get Patrick to work in such a small place.

Oh dear.

Then went to Assured Mobility after someone on the next table to us said that the tyres on Patrick were flat.

The wonderful man pumped up the tyres and asked that we just put a contribution in the charity box.

Things were looking up!

Then we went to the optician.  I need new frames for my glasses.  There isn't an Optical Express in the centre any more, so Vision Express have just found themselves a new customer! I just hope they are as good to me as Optical Express have been!  It seems to be a big shop and it seems to be totally wheelchair accessible which is even better... just gotta save up a bit first because an eye test, very strong lenses and new frames won't be cheap!

Then we went to get the foot pump for Patrick's future tyre needs and came home... totally awesome!

I'm pretty sure I know where the bus station is too... I was looking in totally the wrong direction!  lol

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