Wednesday 22 April 2015

According to Steve,

my tunic and trousers combination look good!

They are both new and Jess (Steve's carer) noticed my new shoes this morning too!

So, I'm thinking I'll invest in more tunics and trousers of different colours and make the combination my clothes of choice instead of living in t-shirts and leggings!

Steve's got a meeting of the railway bods this morning so I'm going to take the pup for an extra long walk when they arrive to give them some space, peace and quiet to get on with it then I'll have a bath tomorrow to help my poor legs to recover then on Friday I'll wait for Assured Mobility to call about going down to get the belt on Patrick sorted out then come home, have a shower and wash my hair ready for having it cut in the afternoon!

It's all go for the rest of the week and beginning of next 'cos I'll have to do my assignments on Monday, fast ready for the blood test on Tuesday, have the blood test on Wednesday then I can relax! 

Busy 7 days!

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