Friday 24 April 2015

Sort of know Mitzi's boyfriend's name now!

I take Mitzi up and down her street 4 times every morning.

Mitzi's boyfriend lives at the end of the street.

We'd been up and down the street once and everything was quiet.  On the second time, the dog started barking and a young child of maybe 4 or 5 years old used the name Satan.

Not good.

I turned Mitzi around and we walked down the other end of the street instead.

The third time up the street, Satan was quiet until we got to the last house, so we turned around and walked back and went back to the other end of the street again

As we turned around, the dog at the other end of the street was shouted at again, but this time he was called Sampson.

Better but not brilliant!

By the time we got back to Mitzi's house, Satan/Sampson was quiet so I took her up the usual end and all was quiet so he must have been taken in.

We came home and I fed and watered Mitzi.  Within 5 minutes, Steve's carer arrived and I remembered to correct myself from yesterday when she asked about the spasming eye thing... I told her yesterday that it was because of tiredness but corrected myself this morning and said the eye was tired, not the body!

Steve's just informed me that he doesn't want me to get the belt fitted today, so I'll have to call Assured Mobility and find out when the next convenient day is for them... *sigh*  Nice to know my safety is important to Steve, eh?

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