Wednesday 15 April 2015

Brilliant stuff!

I've just had next door on the phone to say the roof is sorted now, so Steve moved the last payment of £325 over and I moved the rest of the money that I'd paid in for the roof into my account.

That means that I've got my glasses paid for as well as most of the sight test ready for tomorrow and then taking off £300 for my direct debits leaves me with well over £1,000 in my account and I'll be getting paid my benefits in 2 weeks too and again 2 weeks after that to more than cover May's bills and I'll be able to comfortably pay off £1,000 on one of my credit cards or save up for Steve's car, I haven't decided yet, but this will be my year of getting things I want and need without going overdrawn at the bank again.

You and me head on in 2015, spending addiction!

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