Tuesday 21 April 2015

Great stuff!

Just got back from town and I've got to go back on Friday to have the belt fitted as the lady that was in there didn't feel able to do it herself so she's going to call on Friday when someone is on his way so that I can get it fitted then.

I had a med review too and I've got to have a fasting blood test next Wednesday to check my cholesterol because apparently my AP can raise it so I need to have it checked yearly.  They will only call if there is something wrong with the results, so if I haven't heard from them a week after the test I've got to call them to make sure everything is OK.

Dr F said about the pharmacy doing electronic prescriptions so I signed up for that too... just got to phone the pharmacy a week before I run out of pills and magic will happen!

I'm having my hair cut on Friday too... busy 8 days!

Someone read my morning's blog posts while I was in town... thank you, whoever you are!

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