Thursday 23 April 2015

Belly ache :-(

Just had a lovely, warm, relaxing, lavendar-scented bubble bath but when I dried myself and got dressed I had belly ache!  :-(

I've been farting for the last few minutes so hopefully it's just that but Steve reckons it could be a pulled muscle or something like that?

I've got a craving for egg sandwiches or egg on toast or scrambled eggs or something but apparently our eggs are a couple of days out of date and neither of us are willing to risk it with eggs so it's something else for tea... I'm not hungry, but I haven't eaten anything today so I suppose I should have something to eat for tea!  Maybe jam sandwiches or something?  I don't want a late night tonight, so cooking is pretty much out and I don't want much... I just don't think I should have something to give me energy for tomorrow is all!

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