Saturday 18 April 2015

So sharp!

Just been to get my new glasses and everything is suddenly really sharp and defined!  The living room door has a sharp edge to it, I can read things on the opposite wall, HD TV is almost 3D and everything is more precise now!

I didn't think my vision had changed but it has... not by a lot, but definitely noticeably!

My left eyelid has stopped twitching and I can just see more detail than I could 2 hours ago!

What's even better is that my glasses are guaranteed (or whatever the right word is) for the life of them so if the nose pads come off or the arms get loose or whatever, I've just got to pop in and they'll sort it for me!

I've got to go back in a year, or sooner if I notice my vision changing again, but in 10 days I've gone from asking about the arms of my previous glasses being floppy to having 2 new glasses and clearer vision than I've had for a very long time!

It's not even like these are expensive frames... they were £79 each with the lenses included instead of well over £100 just for the frames and another £200 for the lenses and no insurance or guarantees or advice or anything like that... all my previous optician was interested in was my money!

If you or someone you know notice a change in their vision, take a trip to Vision Express - IME they are an amazing company!

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