Tuesday 14 April 2015

Update on the spending because...

... I need to get my sight tested and new frames and lenses for my newest prescription, so...

... I'm going to use the £1000 I've already got in my account to pay for that then save up for Steve's car for the rest of the year so that I can get it for him at the start of 2016 and just keep paying off the credit cards without worrying about paying a big chunk off any of them and not being able to afford the glasses or car - they are both more urgent atm!

So, as soon as the batteries are charged up, I'm going in to town to register with Vision Express and book a test at the same time.  I'm hoping I'll be able to go down at some point this afternoon but I'm not going to worry if the batteries aren't charged up by 3pm.  I was going to go into town tomorrow anyway and they'll definitely be charged up then!

Basically I'm going to make good use of the money instead of paying a chunk off a credit card and not being able to afford the glasses and them breaking on me so that I'm not safe even in the house alone.

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