Friday 3 April 2015

Mitzi's walk this morning

As always, the first thing I do after coming down the stairs is to walk our little pup.

Today was no different.

It was pitter-pattering with rain when we first left the house, nothing major, so I was thinking we could do the 4 lengths of the street without getting too wet... a bit damp maybe but nothing more than that.

We got past 2 houses and it started pelting it down so we did a quarter of the walk then came home.

Steve dried Mitzi so that she didn't get cold, then his carer came.

The rain had eased off after a few minutes so we did the second part of it.  Just once up and down the street again before it was hosing it down again and Mitzi refused to go any further and started scratching at the door to come in, poor girl.

I opened the door and she shot in so fast!

The rain started easing off again just as the carer was finishing Steve's legs so we went out for the last 2 lengths just before the carer left so we did the full 4 lengths of the street which is the normal walk length, but we did it in 3 sessions instead of one.

She's on the back of the sofa, joining in with Steve's snoring session atm, bless her!

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