Tuesday 28 April 2015


This is my plan for tomorrow... I can almost guarantee I'll forget to go to the Post Office and Subway!  lol

8am – wake up
8.15am – take Mitzi for her walk
8.30am – take Patrick outside and put him together
9am – get to GP for blood test
9.20am – have blood test
9.30am – make way into town
10am – take a tenner out of my account for breakfast
10.15am- find somewhere to have breakfast
10.30am – eat
11am- text Steve… what does he want from Subway for lunch?
11.15am – Get lunch from Subway
11.30am – find out how much special delivery costs at Post Office for my provisional driving license form, birth certificate and marriage certificate and also for their return.
11.45am – come home

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