Friday 17 January 2020

Friday 17th January 2020

Mornin' all.

According to my FitBit, I was asleep for just over 9 hours last night and I feel so much more awake this morning, so I agree with it 🤣

Gonna take the puppy out for her stroll now then the CAB lady is coming about my PIP appeal at lunchtime.  She's nice enough, but I'm just nervous about it is all.

I just wanna get it all sorted and out of the way.

Taking the puppy out now.  BBS❗

She was a really good girl on her walk today... met a doctor who can't park very close to the kerb though 🤣  Time to check my email and get sorted ready for the CAB lady.

Zoop for lunch, just to stop our bellies rumbling while she's here, then hash browns to properly fill us up when she's gone.

We're not having zoop after all now, apparently.  Just the hash browns and vegetarian sausage rolls  😞

Had me hash browns for a late lunch and have spent all afternoon sorting out my PIP appeal.  Done now though and when I've restarted my laptop I'll forward it on to Trina at the CAB.  BBS❗

Just finished reading and reviewing a book... just waiting to be able to log in to FTP to upload it now❗

Just started feeling sleepy, so I'm off to beddy-byes now.  Nite nite orl.  Eye'll sea ewe in the morning❗

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