Saturday 4 January 2020

Saturday 4th January 2020

Mornin' all.

I got in to my sites via FTP at bedtime last night, so it wasn't the early night I was hoping for, but I'm all set for the year now so it was worth it. Gonna take my morning pills before I forget again then start writing 'cos it's still totally black out there so not safe to walk the puppy yet.

Got an email from Equifax overnight, so I assumed it was because my credit rating had improved, but I was wrong... it was the monthly electoral register update was all, but my credit score has improved by almost 100 points in 7.5 months which ain't bad going.  It's orange and fair instead of red and very poor now, so it's going the right way, thankfully.  It's gonna take a while to get it back to where I want it (in the green of course) but it's gradually improving, so I'm happy with that.

Pill time now, then I'll start writing chapter 12... hoping to be at chapter 16 or 17 by the time you read this.  Keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for me please❗

That's the pills taken, and it's starting to lighten up outside now, so I'll write a few more paragraphs then take the puppy out... need to remember to take my keys off and put the clicker on, for it's first official test.

Feeling especially positive now.  I've set the Fitbit app target to 5 days of exercising 'cos the other 2 days, Mitzi was at Helen's.  Yesterday was day 5 and today is day 6 and I didn't know what would happen in the app - if it would stay on 5 days or throw up an error message or whatever, but it logged todays exercise with the puppy as day 6 of exercising and in the details bit it said that today was day 6 of 5 days exercising, so tomorrow will hopefully track too, to make it the full 7 days.  Apparently I'm an overachiever according to the dialogue box that came up❗  🤣

I'm also feeling positive 'cos the clicker did actually help me to keep a log of how many lengths we did on our walk so I could relax and enjoy it and talk to the puppy and stuff without losing count of how far we'd gone between our neighbours, like I usually do after two or on a good day three, but today I counted to four before relying on the counter.  Almost forgot to click twice but remembered before we started our next lap, thankfully 🤣

The puppy came home, had her breakfast then went out for a poo 💩, so I swear she understands how difficult I find it to pick up her poo 💩 on our walks.  I do pick it up if she does it on our strolls 'cos I'm a law-abiding citizen, but my anxiety is through the roof as soon as she squats down for anything other than a wee.

Proud of both of us right now but for very different reasons 🤣

Gonna get on with me writing again now.  BBL.

Just written chapter 15, which is my 4th of the day and it's only 3.17pm, so I'm hoping for maybe 7 chapters in total today?  My personal best is 8 chapters on the first day of NaNo19, so not quite equal to it, but not far off either❗  Keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 that I achieve it by a reasonable time tonight❓  Please❓

Just finished chapter 17, so that's another 6 chapters written today and I've literally only just taken my APs so that'll hopefully give me time to write one last chapter and still head to bed at a reasonable time so that I can wake up early tomorrow and write the first chapter of the day before I take the puppy out for our stroll.

Need to remember to take the counter with me again tomorrow... it'll hopefully get to be routine soon though.

Steve's just offered to make another hot drink and I've taken my mug out, so I'll definitely be able to write my 7th chapter of the day now, which will be 3 chapters in the bank in 2 days... totally awesomesauce❗

7 chapters written today❗ Yaaay❗

Gonna check my email, drain the mug of tea then head to bed for a reasonably early night.

Nite nite orl❗

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