Saturday 25 January 2020

Saturday 25th January 2020

Mornin' all.

How are you all doing today❓

Taken the puppy out for our morning stroll and she was a very good girl.  According to my Fitbit app, we strolled for 17 minutes this morning.  She met two people and to give credit to one of them, they stepped into the road so that we could pass each other... he wouldn't have done that before I got the police involved❗

I had a gorgeous dark red apple for my breakfast... definitely my favourite colour of apple... nice and sweet without being too sweet.

Time to catch up with Facebook now.

That's the puppy walked for the second time today and I remembered to take my Calcium when I got home too❗

I was wrong about the Fitbit needing to be above 75% yesterday, 'cos it logged the first walk, but not the second one today, so it obviously doesn't count the shorter walks as exercise for some reason, which is annoying.  Not to worry though, as long as it counts the longer, morning walks then the shorter walks at lunchtime are just an added bonus.  If you're that interested in how much I exercise though, use the Fitbit page for the steps and the walking page for the percentages... sorry about that, but it's another reason that the Fitbit is getting a ⭐⭐⭐ review next month.

That's all me pills taken today... even remembered the Calcium at lunchtime❗  🤣  I'm hoping for a relatively early night tonight instead of my usual 10pm-ish.

Just found a head massager on Freegle so have requested it because the offerer has said that they'll deliver locally which is awesome❗  I'm heading to bed as soon as I've finished my mug of tea, so I'll hopefully be asleep before 9pm which would be fantastic.  Gonna say nite nite to you all until the morning now and head to bed.  😴💤

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