Wednesday 1 January 2020

Wednesday 1st January 2020 - part one

Mornin' all.


I hope 2020 brings you everything you hope for with a few challenges thrown in along the way to push you to move forward.

We're going to see Steve's family again today... 4th time in 7 days, but that's it then.

JanNo officially starts today, but for me it'll start tomorrow unless we come home soon after we've had our lunch, like we did on Monday.  I wanna get started as soon as I can, 'cos I need to get into the writing headspace pretty quickly.

I've taken me pills and I'll take the puppy out as soon as it starts getting light outside then shut down ready for going to the in-laws again.

Ooh!  Steve's just opened the curtain and it's starting to get light now, so I'll take the puppy out for her stroll now.  BBS.

We're back now and I've fed the puppy, who's been out the back for her poo and Steve's just given her the thyroid pill so she's all sorted until lunchtime now.

Gonna add today's walk to the spreadsheet on my phone then shut down... gotta remember to put the photo's on my homepage when we get home this afternoon/evening.

Bye for now.

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