Wednesday 8 January 2020

Wednesday 8th January 2020




I've just swallowed the 5-HTP whole❗

I usually crunch it up because it's so huge, but not this morning❗

For the first time since I was a child, I've been able to swallow a capsule-shaped pill❗

Can't believe it and I feel unbelievably proud of myself right now❗

Should I attempt to swallow the Calcium whole too or not risk it❓

Just taken it and decided to crunch it up.  Still amazingly proud of myself but didn't want to push my luck 😉  Gonna take it really really slowly and not even attempt to take the Calcium whole yet until I can reliably and confidently take the 5-HTP whole every morning.

Currently doing the backups then I'll carry on with the writing until this evening when I'll check my email and head to bed.  I'm hoping to be able to write 6 chapters today so that I can finish on Friday evening, rather than Saturday morning then I can spend the whole weekend celebrating 🤣

That's the backups sorted for another week.  Doubt I'll get another 4 chapters written today, but I will still try to... as long as I get 5 done and dusted I'll be happy enough with that.  Wish me luck!

That's my last two prescriptions of the day taken and just got one more chapter left to write before I'm allowed my reward.  Was hoping for 6 chapters today, but I'd forgotten about the backups taking so long, so I've been 2 hours behind schedule all day which is pretty much an entire chapter, so it's understandable.  Means I'll be finished on Saturday morning, so my celebratory reward for finishing the entire thing will be cafetierre coffee as opposed to the lasagne, but that's OK... it's still a reward that's bigger than the J2O so it'll still be a celebration.

Just finished chapter 48, so I've got 11 to go then the entire manuscript is finished.  Gonna have my reward then head to bed.  Nite nite orl.

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