Tuesday 24 January 2023

Mornin' all

I've been a good girl and taken my morning pills so I hopefully won't need to stumble backwards and forwards to the bathroom literally every 5 minutes today and the vitamins and minerals my body needs have been topped up too.


My stomach is still a bit iffy after yesterday's milk mistake and the groceries are due this morning, so I'm not gonna take any risks today.  The washing and dressing will be the most active that I am and I'm gonna stick with chips for lunch today I reckon... assuming that the lunchtime carer actually cooks this time of course!

I've put in the grocery order for the end of February and I've got things that I can have instead of cooked food coming today just in case there's a repeat of yesterday.


The virus scan was clear, so that's reassuring... doing a scan every morning as well as once a week and once a month might be a touch excessive, but I'd rather do too many than none at all so that I can deal with any problems as they arise rather than not running any and being left without a useable computer.

Time to put my days to-do list up then make myself that mocha I reckon.

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