Friday 5 April 2019

Friday 5th April 2019

That's me supplements taken.  They all behaved this morning, thankfully.

The virus scan has started too, so it's time for the puppy's morning stroll now.  Apparently she hasn't been out for a wee since her walk yesterday morning, so if she doesn't flood the street today either, I'm thinking it'll be another expensive vet visit, but she's worth it!

That's the puppy walked and fed.  She was so desperate for a wee that she squatted down before I'd even closed the front door and totally filled a small dent in the road with wee!  Her normal morning wee's fill it to about ⅓ish but there was maybe a millimetre left before it overflowed this morning!

I'm so proud of the puppy for not weeing in the house, considering how totally desperate she was!

First survey of the day completed

Just done some basic maffs and I'll be able to put about £150 into my savings ready for Steve's car at the end of April, which ain't bad going.  I'll be able to put pretty much all of my end of April ESA payment into my savings too 'cos I'll be paid again on 6th and 10th May which'll cover all my bills and most of May's groceries too so that there will be £350 in my savings and I'll still be able to get Steve's brother's birthday gift without going overdrawn too which is such a huge relief!  Just gotta not spend more than £50 a week on groceries is all!

Had issues with me laptop today - the power decided to stop working, which stopped the virus scan dead in its tracks and no matter what I tried I couldn't get it working again.  Steve eventually said that it might be because the laptop was desperate to discharge the battery for the first time in the 18 months that I've had it.

Apparently, like with mobile phones, it needs to completely discharge then recharge occasionally, which I've never done.  Soooo, once a month, after doing my backups on a Saturday I'm gonna unplug the power lead thingy and let it completely run out of power then recharge it again, just like I do with my phone.  In my decade of using laptops I've never done that before, but then again, it's only been a couple of months that I've been totally discharging that too.

I've set up a reminder to do that every month in my email programme, just like I'm reminded about clearing my caches on a Friday so hopefully it'll become routine soonish, just like with my phone.

After being on for less than 15 minutes since the battery issues, the virus scan is up to 19% which is getting on for 4 times more than it achieved all morning!

Maybe the battery/power thingybob was some kind of weird sign from the techy-minded spirits or higher powers or something?

26% now, so it's gone up 7% in the couple of minutes or so that it took me to write the last bit!!

Maybe the battery/power thingy really was some kind of sign?  Some kind of message for me to learn from?

Just taken me prescription and Steve's getting a take-away for his tea, so yet another week without a Creme Egg.  Apparently lunch tomorrow is curry and rice so if he cooks on Sunday too then he gets an egg but tonight's take-away means he won't get one despite cooking every day for the past 4 days.  Them's the rules though, and he knew that right from the start.

Gonna see if I can get a pack of mini Toblerone's from anywhere as a change from the Creme Eggs, 'cos Steve likes those too.

We shall see.

That's my little nephew's gifts ordered and paid for.  Estimated delivery date of 11th to 15th April and he's already got one upstairs just in case they aren't here in time.

I'm off to bed now 'cos me prescription is starting to kick in and I want to see if the gift is already wrapped up or not while I remember to look.

Nite nite orl!



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