Sunday 14 April 2019

Sunday 14th April 2018

Teeth brushed, puppy walked (in two parts) and fed, rubbish and recycling out and I'm about to take me supplements.


Supplements swallowed.

Time to study for the rest of the day now I reckon.

That's Steve's shoes put on Freegle... I hope I get a better response for those than I have for the toilets, cisterns and pouffe lol

Just finished module 7 so onto module 8 now and hopefully I'll finish it before we have lunch.  Wish me luck!

Up to module 18 now!!  I've got 5 modules then the end of course test to do then I'll have another diploma!

Finished modules 18 and 19 so I've studied a huge 13 modules today and I've only got 3 modules left to study tomorrow then the exam and it's finished.  Assuming I get over 71% I'll have my second diploma under my belt in 5 days and I think I'll deserve a J2O!

Gonna publish this then head to bed I reckon.

Nite nite orl!

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