Thursday 25 April 2019

Thursday 25th April 2019

That's me teeth brushed, supplements taken, virus scan finished and back-ups in progress.  Just gotta walk and feed our senior baby girl and wait for the enabler to come back again.

Just bought 3 more courses for £53.99 instead of almost £1600 (not a typo) so that'll keep me busy for a while again... it's amazing what a bit of patience can get you lol

That's the puppy walked, fed and watered and the back-ups finished and me external hard drive put away for another week.  Steve's making a cafetierre of posh coffee and has sent me a style thingy to change the style of the listing items on my courses pages to be square instead of circular, so I'll sort that out then surf the internet for more free (or at least very cheap) courses to take.

You watch me forget though lol

One of the courses was a 15 course bundle and I'd assumed it was going to be the same as the other bundled course I did... just a single course with all of the courses included.

I was wrong.

It's 15 individual courses so it's even better value for money than I was thinking!

Assuming I do one course a day, starting tomorrow, it'll be 11th May that I finish all of them!!  All for under £55 too, which is more than 80% off just a single course costing £299!!  Or is my maffs wrong?  Either way, I'm saving £299x14+£244 which is a huuuuge saving.

I've already done 8 courses which cost a grand total of less than £100 (I'm rounding up for ease of calculations for me lol), plus today's 17 courses (the 15 course bundle and the 2 I was going to get anyway) for £55 is £155 for 25 courses which is just over half the price of a single course usually, so I'm basically getting 24 of the 25 courses for free!

Clicking on that Facebook ad has saved me several thousand pounds... hold on while I bring up the calculator.


Take off the video courses which would have cost £49 instead of the £299 and I've still saved over £7000 'cos there weren't anywhere near 9 video courses that I've taken... it's maybe 3 or 4 but to make my OCD happy, lets say it's £7000 saved 'cos it's a nice round number which my OCD likes lol

So true:


That's the enabler been and gone. 

She had another look in the kitchen and said about tidying up the bit just in front of the microwave and bringing it forward so that I can use that for ready meals for us when Steve doesn't feel up to cooking and getting rid of his rollator and replacing it with a perching stool so that he can use that when he cooks, instead of the rollator which he hasn't used for anything other than sitting on either while he's cooking or waiting for the shopping since he got it, which would save a lot of room, then we'd just need to tidy up the sides ready for the food processor and pasta machine and bread machine that we've got but are still boxed up because there's nowhere to put them right now.

I *want* to cook, I'm just not steady enough to be able to reach down to put things into and take things out of the oven, but if I could get to the sides we could work as a team where I would do the preparation then Steve puts it into the oven and dishes up!

I just need to find a way to motivate Steve to do it first, like with the Creme Eggs and cooking?  I occasionally get into these "must tidy up" moods but there's very little I can do with the rollator in the way right now.  If we can get the perching stool for Steve then I'll be able to get most of it done on my own in a couple of hours when I'm feeling particularly house-proud/motivated, there's just very little I can do right now 'cos I can't reach past the rollator!

Just taken me prescription.  Found a couple of stools that have potential for Steve, but he wants to wait and see what the OT comes up with first.


Just asked Steve if the software will be finished in 5 days and he said "don't see why not!" - you'll have to forgive me for not believing him 'cos it's taken at least 6 weeks so far, despite it being promised in under 10 days!  If it's not in my hands by the end of April, I'll be wanting my £1000 back which he's already admitted he's spent and can't afford to refund it!

He's been promising the software since 28th November 2018 and I've paid him £1250 for it in advance but he hasn't even started on it so I've been waiting for it since he promised it nearly 6 months ago and I've paid him in advance instead of on delivery like the other people he's been creating sites for!!

He complained about being paid 3 weeks late so I think I've got a right to get arsey when I've waited 8 times that long for something that was promised within 10 days!!

Well I've had enough.  When I eventually get the software I'll be paying on delivery like everyone else!

I'm absolutely exhaustapayted so gonna shut down, finish me mug of tea then head to bed.

Nite nite orl!

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