Monday 8 April 2019

Monday 8th April 2019

That's the puppy walked and fed.  It started peeing it down with rain so the puppy only wanted to do 500% this morning.  😞  If it stops raining I'll take her out again later on 👍... might be better for both of us to do it in 2 parts so that we can both recover a bit between walkies sessions.

The puppy has finally finished off her bag of food, 2 weeks after we got the new bag lol  Oops!  lol

Totally forgot to email the walkies and side-stepping spreadsheets to myself last night so I've just done that and I'll code them into the disability page now.

Gotta take me supplements and brush me teeth before I forget again... supplements first I reckon.

That's them down the hatch.  It's a good job Steve filled up the bottle with squash last night 'cos I had to drink more than was left to get them all down, especially as the Calcium took 3 mouthfuls on it's own to get all the crumbs down!

Time to brush me teeth now, before I forget again. 


That's me teeth brushed for another day.

Pasta 'n' sauce for lunch today 😍.  Drooling at just the thought of it!  😋

 Yummy scrummy in my tummy!  😍  That pasta 'n' sauce we had for our lunch was sooo good - especially because it's been so long since we last had it!

Done next week's grocery shop online already too.  Added 16 toilet rolls and 2 packs of grated cheese then took off the 3 Rumbledethumps 'cos they cost £6.75 for the three which is £1.50 more than the toilet rolls which have reduced to £5.25 for 16 rolls which is a saving of 75p from the last time we bought them!  WTG Sainsbury's!

Just scored 100% on a word definition test thingy online...

That's me prescription swallowed... nice and easily this evening, thankfully.

Goin' to bed now for an early night for a change... bet I'll still be awake at 10pm though  lol

Nite nite orl!

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