Monday 22 April 2019

Monday 22nd April 2019 - part one

That's the puppy walked, fed and watered as well as me supplements swallowed so now I've just got to put the spreadsheets online before we go and see Steve's family again.

I'm gonna post this just before we go and potentially put up another one when we get back, depending on when that is and how I'm feeling.

OK, it's up on my disability page now.

What would you prefer me to do with the spreadsheets from now on though?  It's just text and links on the page now with just one graphic within it... is that OK and you want me to keep linking to the spreadsheet images or do you want me to put smaller images within the text, linking to the spreadsheets?  Lemme know in the comments 'cos I honestly don't know which to do from now on!  If you aren't comfortable leaving your name, just make one up so that I can use it in future children's books that I write 😉

Had a marketing email from the New Skills Academy where I did all bar one of the courses last week or the week before or whenever it was, with a bundled course that sounds like something I want to do, but at £647 for the three courses, I just can't afford it right now unfortunately  😞

Gonna publish this then head outside now.  TTYL!

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