Thursday 4 April 2019

Thursday 4th April 2019

Just taken me supplements and I've officially got a cold.  Touch wood it's not the constantly coughing one that Steve had, but my nose is constantly streaming so it's gonna be red raw and painful again soon 😞

Time to take the puppy out for her morning stroll now then someone from the CAB is coming at 3pm to see if we are entitled to any other benefits.

Apparently it's peeing down with rain out there and I've given up counting the percents, so I'm gonna count the number of times we go up and down - needs to be 12 times for 600% and hopefully it'll be easier to keep adding single figures rather than 50%'s.  We shall see.

Brushed me teeth and spat out a lot of blood so maybe my tooth decay is advancing into my gums or something?

Gonna take the puppy for her walk now though and forget to worry about it until I brush them again tomorrow morning.

It took a lot of encouraging to even get her out of her bed and she wanted to come home after 100% but I kept walking so she followed me to 600%.

We are both soaking wet now though!

First survey of the day completed.

Second survey done and dusted with the potential of earning £7.50 if I do it for 6 weeks!

That's the CAB bod been and gone.  She was really helpful and supportive.  We're getting all the benefits we're entitled to but when I need to re-apply for PIP she's going to help and support me to fill in the forms to hopefully get me the money I'm entitled to next time.

We won't be going to see my mum any time soon though, 'cos to get the motability car would mean Steve using his PIP money to get it  😢  If I get the mobility part next time though, I'll take on paying the mortgage and Steve can get the car then.  The only other option is to save up and get a non-motability used car but if we did that I wouldn't be able to go to the Open University which I really want to do, just not at the expense of seeing my mum is all.

Having another earlyish night again to recover from the 2 hours sleep I had a couple of days ago.

Nite nite orl!

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