Saturday 6 April 2019

Saturday 6th April 2019

That's me supplements swallowed.  Not too bad this morning, thankfully!

The virus scan is only at 43% though, so it's gonna be this afternoon at the earliest before it finishes and I do my backups and then let the battery run down... all because I didn't restart it until after lunch yesterday when Steve came home  😞

Ho hum, time to take the puppy for her morning stroll and we'll see what the virus scan is up to when we get home and I've fed her.

The puppy poo'd on her walk so I cleared it up, like the responsible puppy parent that I am and the pup carried on walking so I followed her.

600% came and went.

As did 750%.

And 1000%

By the time we got to 1100% my legs were going "we really can't cope with much more" so I listened and we came home, even though the puppy wanted to keep walking.

Came home, fed her and brushed me teeth then changed the batteries ready for tomorrow's brushing.

I'm really not going to be able to move off the sofa other than to get me lunch and go to the bathroom for the rest of the day now.  My legs just won't be able to cope with it.

It's only once a week that we walk so far though and we hadn't done it during the week so it was either going to be today or tomorrow.

The virus scan is at 47% now, so it'll be the either very late tonight or early hours of the morning that it finishes, so I'll do the backups and emptying the battery tomorrow instead of today.

You watch me forget though!  lol

Something I woke up pondering on this morning:  when and who decided that Homo Sapiens should be called humans and why?  Discuss.

Same with dogs - who changed them from being Canines to dogs and why?  Discuss that too.

That's me prescription taken and my mobile charging up after it died on me an hour ago without me realising lol

Me phone has finished charging now, so I'm off to bed.

Nite nite orl!

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