Thursday 18 April 2019

Thursday 18th April 2019

Yep, from now on I'll be doing the virus scans and backups on Wednesday-Thursday from now on.  Absolutely nothing went wrong with the virus scan, my blood pressure stayed stable and it was finished in 17 hours too.

Gonna do the backups in 2 stages instead of 3 as well 'cos that's 87% complete in less than an hour too, instead of the hour and a half minimum and blood pressure through the roof, so just gotta remember that and get into a new routine now.

I've also already taken me supplements.  The Iron was a bit of a PITA this morning, but the other 3 were fine.

Also learnt last night that Mitzi prefers positive reinforcement training 'cos she gets lots of praise and a biccie when she poo's in our back yard but nothing if she does it on our morning stroll.  Got 9 more modules to study and an exam to take today then I'll have me third diploma under me belt and a fourth ready and waiting for me to start it!

That's the virus scan (which took 18 hours to do instead of 2 days previously) and back up done for the next week and my blood pressure and mood as well as the internet connection and battery lead have all remained steady for the last 24 hours 😌 so it's gonna definitely be a mid-week thing instead of a Friday-Saturday/Sunday thing from now on.  👍👍

Gonna take the puppy for our morning stroll now, then get on with the studying again.

That's our senior baby girl walked and fed, teeth brushed so now it's time to study.

Just bought another 3 courses for £60 instead of very nearly £900 and 2 of 'em were on my list of courses that I want to take too, which is even better!  They are certificate courses so will, in theory, be done and dusted in a day.

There are 5 courses that I've paid to take so it will hopefully keep me out of trouble until the end of the month lol.  Not going to pay for any more until I've finished those 5 though lol.

That's all the modules studied.  Gonna wait until Steve gets home from his nursey appointment before I take the end of course test just in case the phone goes or someone comes to the door or even both, like yesterday!

I passed the course first time!!!

Only by 2 right answers but I still passed!

I obviously need to NOT revise and go with my first answer instead of second guessing myself 'cos I'd totally forgotten yesterdays 16 modules as well as most of todays remaining 9 because there was a gap of getting on for an hour between finishing the course and taking the exam.

That calls for a celebratory veggie lasagne for tea.  Gonna adjust the 2 webpages and upload my diploma then start on the canine communication course then continue that tomorrow and potentially take the test at bedtime tomorrow.

There are only 10 modules on the canine communication diploma course, which is the same amount as the first course I took with the New Skills Academy so, in theory, it'll be done and dusted tomorrow if I start it first thing!

Gonna make a start on it now though... see how many modules I get through before bedtime in about 4 hours.

Just finished the first assessment of the first module and Steve's ordered my veggie lasagne, so I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor and wait for it to arrive now.

I'll prolly come back after I've eaten to hopefully do another module to let the lasagne settle and then shut me laptop down before I head to bed.


Back now and I'm cream crackered so not going to do the second module tonight.  Gonna watch a bit of telly for a rare change before I head to bed.

Nite nite orl!

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