Tuesday 16 July 2019

Food review: Sainsbury's Indian Lentil Quarter Pounder 454g

Just tried these for the first time for me lunch and they were lovely!  A bit dry but very filling and tasted yummy.  I was slightly dreading them being spicy after how the hubby described them, but they weren't spicy at all thankfully.  They are good both in a bun with a slice of "plastic" cheese (that's what the hubby calls cheese slices for some reason) and a squirt of tomato sauce as well as on their own with a big helping of veggies.

If they weren't as dry as they are then I'd have given them 5 stars, but they are very dry so could do with making them a bit more succulent/juicy on the outside to make them perfect.  Maybe that's just me, but I prefer my burgers to have a bit of moisture so that they aren't so saliva-drying as these were.

We'll get them again, for sure, but I'd prefer them to have a bit more moisture in them... just a smidgen of vegetable oil stirred into the pre-formed mixture is all it needs, IMHO.

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