Friday 19 July 2019

Friday 19th July 2019

I've got a photo of our poorly puppy at last!!

She's got one of those cones around her neck to stop her from chewing her feet and looks sooo sad but she's alive and well and hopefully on the right meds now.  It'll prolly be expensive each month for the rest of her life now, but she's soo worth it to me!  I don't care how much it costs, if she needs the treatment then I'll find it somehow!

She's worth everything to me!

I was wrong twice last night.  First off, Steve did fill up the squash for me and the second time was that there was just about enough squash to take all four of me supplements without needing another bottle of squash this morning.

I don't enjoy being wrong, but I've got no problem admitting it when I am.

Cheeky swine wanted to put Mitzi's thyroid treatment on the insurance!  That he hasn't paid a penny towards!  The conversation went like this:

Steve:  How much is the excess on Mitzi's insurance?
Me:  Dunno, why?
S:  Just thinking we could get the insurance to pay for it
M:  The monthly premiums would go through the roof!
S:  You wouldn't have to worry about finding the money for it at the weekend then though!
M:  I'd much prefer to keep the premiums lower and keep it in case there is something major that needs to be treated in future that would cost many thousands that the insurance wouldn't cover because they would already be paying for this.
S:  We'd cover it somehow.
M:  As long as it's under a thousand, I'll pay for it, same as I always do.
S:  You don't though!
M:  Yes I do.
S:  I paid Marie for the last vet bill.
M:  Yeah, because I moved the money into the joint account from my savings.  Same as always.
S:  I paid her out of my account though.
M:  Only because you've got Marie's bank details and I haven't.
S:  Oh.  Yeah.

He's the one that makes decisions about Mitzi then expects me to pay for it without even asking.

It's like Steve buying a car, taking it for an MOT, the garage phoning up about the repairs it needed to pass the MOT, me telling them to go ahead without even mentioning it to Steve then him being met with a bill that he was expected to pay before he got his car back.  Or if Steve had a crash in the car, I gave the insurance details to the other party and told them the insurance would cover everything then the premiums trippling, me not caring and Steve left to pay the bill.  He wouldn't let me do that so why is it OK for him to do that to me with Mitzi's insurance❔❔

Time to take me prescriptions now.  BRB.

That's the two pills sorted for tonight.  Gotta close FireFox so that Roboform can get updated.


That's Roboform updated and my pills are already making me tired, so maybe it's my body's way of telling me to have an early night?

Gonna shut down for the night, either way.  💤💤

Nite nite orl!  😴

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