Saturday 13 July 2019

Saturday 13th July 2019

Steve's just promised that next week, because there's nothing going on and as long as it isn't raining, "I'll come out with you and the pup every day as long as you don't go out stupid early like you usually do"

I asked him roughly what time was the earliest he'd come out with us and he said 8 o'clock was the absolute earliest.

Why don't I believe him?

Oh yeah, cos he said the same thing two weeks ago and went back on it.  Again!

I'd love to be wrong about it, but very much doubt I will be!

All three of us are dosed up and ready for whatever the day throws at us now, so I'm gonna start by taking the puppy out for our morning stroll.


750% today and the puppy poo'd so I, of course, picked it up.  Soft and very smelly today, but I'm a law-abiding citizen so always pick it up when she poo's on our morning strolls!

Chips, cheese and beans for lunch today.  Simple and quick to prepare but yummy.

Got 3 books currently in my basket for my lil nephew to prepare him for his first day at school in September.  Gonna give it until tomorrow afternoon to see if anyone else on SCBWI-BI has any others to recommend then order them to hopefully arrive on Tuesday.

I've potentially got a book in mind for his Christmas gift too.  I can almost guarantee that I'll forget about it before August starts, let alone December though lol

That's my prescriptions taken.  Got a mug of tea to drink before I head to bed tonight first though!  😄

Goin' to bed now 💤.  Nite nite orl!

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