Wednesday 3 July 2019

Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Awake at 5am again today, so it seems like I wake up 11 hours after I've taken my pills.  I'm gonna take them at 7pm tonight to see if I wake up at 6am tomorrow.

The virus scan is under-way without any issues at all today, thankfully, so it'll be finished in the early hours of tomorrow morning and I can do the back-up as soon as I come downstairs, before I take the pup for her walk.

Gonna take the puppy out for her walk now... taking bets on Steve not joining us, like he himself suggested at lunchtime yesterday.  Gonna ask him to get dressed and come out with us now.

Result is that he threw a strop and said he was too tired, I replied that it was his suggestion yesterday and he said "it was, wasn't it... lemme wake up first".  I replied with "what time will that be?" he said he didn't know, so I suggested 8am, he agreed then promptly fell back to sleep again.  It's always the same with him.  98% of the time he suggests something one day then finds excuses not to do it when he's promised.

He's just taken his prescription, so I'll take me supplements and start on my emails.

That's my supplements taken and Steve's asleep again.  So much for waking up, eh?  Knew this would happen.  Does every bloody time with Steve.

I was wrong. 

Steve went into the kitchen while I was in the bathroom then said he'd come out with us after he'd been for a wee!  He did as well - thank you Steve!  We did 800% with the pup between us... the pup wanted to keep walking, but it just wasn't safe for either of us to keep walking any further so we came home and I can't see Steve being awake before lunch, but that's totally OK after coming out with me and the pup today... he and the pup did an extra 300%ish in total today and I'm so proud of him for that.  If we do that each morning and increase Steve's bit by one length a week, he will hopefully be OK with walking to the ultrasound department on the 23rd and I/we'll take the puppy for a short walk when we get back so that we don't risk doing too much before we've even left the street.

If Steve comes with us every morning, I'm hoping that he'll enjoy it and be motivated to join us every morning after that too, which would help him to lose the weight in addition to our better diet (he's clinically obese) and it'd be a family exercise session instead of just my responsibility.  He did it for a few weeks a while ago and admitted that he soon started enjoying it and even looking forward to it, so if we can encourage him until he feels that way again, it'll help all three of us to lose some of our weight, will make us healthier and Steve can bond with the puppy on their part of the walk too, just like I have done with the puppy.

We can so do this as a family, we just need to get into a new routine is all, just like with the cooking at home instead of daily take-aways.

Soooo proud of you Steve!!!

I'll be happy with sarnies or zoop for lunch today, so that Steve can recover.  I'm hoping for a proper cooked meal, but if Steve doesn't want to then I won't force him.

It is zoop today 'cos it's Wednesday today and we always 'av zoop on a Wednesday 'cos of my weekly virus scan.  We've got bread rolls to have with it today too though, instead of slices of bread like we usually have.

Steve's still awake too, which is a huge surprise considering how sleepy he was before the puppy's walk!

We'll get there eventually, slowly but surely pushing ourselves occasionally.

We've already had two portions of fruit each this morning and it's not even lunchtime yet!  That's all the banana's 🍌 finished off (one was mostly a big bruise so that was put in the waste food caddy and the second one was "past it's best" after 36 hours since delivery  so that went in the waste food caddy too) so we've just got the apples left to eat now... it's a good job we're getting 3 lots of fruit with next weeks shopping after getting through 8 banana's in under 3 days!  TBH, I'm not missing the crisps at all and I'm through the other side of my chocoholism too, so while I still enjoy it I'm not desperate to have it several times every day any more which can only be a good thing.

Just had an apple each too, so that's 3 portions of fruit we've had today, as well as a family walk with the pup... I like!  Just need to keep doing it now!

Sorted out my ad settings on Facebook again.  Apparently you still see the same amount of ads but you get to decide the things you want to see, so for example I'm seeing education ads but not alcohol ones or overseas holiday ads.  It's not an immediate thing, but still pretty quick and so worth going through every now and again!

Taken me prescriptions an hour later than normal, so hopefully I'll be awake at 6am tomorrow rather than 5am!  lol

Off to beddy-byes now.

Nite nite orl!

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