Tuesday 9 July 2019

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Mornin' all!

Time to walk the puppy then take me supplements.  What do you reckon chances are that Steve won't come with us again?

"My shorts are in the wash" said Steve when I asked him about coming with us.  They weren't 10 minutes ago and it was him that suggested coming with us last week after re-arranging the ultrasound appointment!  He's being paid to be my carer for 35 hours a week but he does buggar all to earn it!

The puppy poo'd on her walk and I picked it up like I'm legally obliged to.  Soft, smelly, warm and big.  Made me feel sick when I picked it up and tied a knot in the bag!

The cheek of it!  I read and review books and I've read and reviewed this one book back in May that was riddled with errors so I gave it a single star review.  The author said that he'd had problems with the editor leaving the company so I said I was sorry about that but maybe he shouldn't have published and advertised the book and asking for reviews if he wasn't ready for them.

He sent me the edited book this morning.  Not a single word in the email, just the attachment and seemed to expect me to read it again and change my review.

Not gonna happen.

I said that I wasn't going to review Christian books so why he sent it to me to begin with I haven't got a clue but he didn't say a word in his email, it was literally just our conversation from May and the attachment!

Then I read a message from D about adding a page to her site.  No probs.  Did that for her, then read her PM on Facebook - she didn't want them on a new page, but in an existing page, so I'd just wasted the last half an hour of my life then!  Because she's a friend, I did it, then Steve said something about it being 50 years since Apollo 11 or something and I just lost the plot!

People expect me to do things for free and don't like it when I'm honest in the review and refuse to change it.  Then D changing her mind, then Steve talking about something was just too much for the day and I've had enough already.  It's only 10.21am too!

Not a happy bunny.

Gonna take me supplements now and hopefully calm down a bit.

That's the supplements swallowed.  They all went down with gulp each, except the Multi but that only took two gulps so I'm hoping this is the start of the day becoming more positive now.

The council are coming to clear up the cat poo "within 1 day" so hopefully it'll be cleared up by the time I take the puppy out on Friday morning.

The supplements are awesome 'cos they're already bringing my blood pressure down and that's the only thing that's changed in the last 5 minutes.  Dunno if it really is the supplements or if it just happens to be reducing after I've taken them, but I'm noticably less angry already!

Them new bread rolls are incredibly filling!  Only managed half my lunch today!

That's the browser caches cleared ready for tomorrow's virus scan and the pup is showing a great deal of Westitude atm lol

Prescriptions taken, so I'm going to bed as soon as they start kicking in.

Starting to yawn, so it's time to shut down for the day now.

Nite nite orl!

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