Tuesday 2 July 2019

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Walked and fed the puppy and reported my anti-social neighbour to the police again.  Taken me supplements and now I'm going to carry on with my day.

Just put me cardigan on 'cos I is coooold!  😞

I'm the only one in this house who's awake atm!!  The hubby and the puppy are both snoring away like good 'uns!

Steve's having burgers for lunch and I'm having spicy bean burgers without the buns 'cos they are so small lol

Just had me lunch.  The burgers need a lot more moisture in them 'cos my mouth feels like it's in a desert now, even with plastic cheese and red sauce (ie tomato ketchup) on each one!

Steve says he doesn't feel confident about walking from the hospital entrance to the ultrasound department and back, so he's going to try re-scheduling Thursday's appointment and coming out on the pup's walk with me every morning ("as long as it's not raining") so that he can get more used to the distance (he doesn't want to collapse and not be able to get back up) ready for hopefully the rescheduled appointment when it's been re-arranged.

Knew this would happen.

It's always the same with Steve.

Every.  Bloody.  Time.

He's being paid to be my carer for 30 hours a week which is 5 hours a day, but I'm lucky to get the 5 hours a month and that includes the cooking he does for us!

He's just re-arranged the ultrasound for 23rd July so hopefully he'll come out with me and the pup every morning if he thinks miracles will happen in 21 days!

I reckon he'll find reason after reason not to come out with us and he'll re-schedule it yet again.  I totally understand that he doesn't want to collapse and not be able to get up, but why leave it until literally 2 days before the appointment to tell me?  Why not have come out with us every morning since getting the effing letter almost a month ago?

That's the caches cleared on both browsers, ready for tomorrow's virus scan and I've got an incident number from the police to add to the form now too.  I'm not going to back down this time.

Absolutely cream crackered so I'm off to bed.

Nite nite orl 💤

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