Sunday 28 July 2019

Sunday 28th July 2019

That's the rubbish and recycling out before 8am this morning!

I've requested Steve to do three things today, because our rubbish is such a small amount, I've asked Steve to help me to chop up a few more branches of the butterfly bush so that we can make the most of having room to get rid of it without risking it falling out.  The second thing is to spray the WD40 on the tap and the third thing was to work on the things I've already paid him to do.

He's got until 3pm to do the butterfly bush and 5pm for the tap or I'll do them both myself.  He's got until midnight on Wednesday to get the programming finished or I want a full refund that he can't afford.

He's being paid to be my carer for over 35 hours a week which is 5 hours a day... I'm lucky to get the 5 hours a month and the 35 in half a year!!  If we include the cooking, that's less than an hour a day, tops, so what does he do for the other 4 hours?


That's what.

Time to simmer down and take my supplements now.

That's them swallowed.  Fortunately it wasn't too bad this morning to get them all down.

I was a third wrong this morning.

Steve's just gone into the bathroom with the WD40 to fix the bath's cold tap for me then he's going to make us another posh coffee.  I'm hoping that we'll do the butterfly bush branches after lunch.  If we do that's about 3 hours tops that he's cared for me today (an hour for the tap, an hour for lunch and an hour for the chopping up).  I can almost guarantee that he won't do anything else for the rest of the week though, so I'll still be 32 hours of care than he's being paid for.

If I'm re-awarded PIP, can someone remind me to renew my blue badge pretty please?


Gorgeous Rogan Josh curry for lunch today.  Nice and spicy without being too hot.  I personally reckon that anything hotter would, for me, spoil the flavour.  We've got a jar of Jalfrezi (sp?) to try which apparently is medium spiciness too, but neither of us has had a Jalfrezi before so it'll be a "virgin taste test for both of us" to quote Steve.  Can't wait!

Steve's got his two Jaffa Cakes as a reward for cooking both days of the weekend and our fan has, officially, given up the ghost, so it was a good job I bought a new one on Friday that was delivered yesterday so that's something else we've got to do today... unplug the current fan and remove it then replace it with the new one before it gets too hot outside again.

There's definitely no room in the rubbish bag now, so maybe it's a good thing that we didn't chop up the butterfly bush this afternoon after all.  When the Grand Prix has finished, our lunch will have gone down a bit so we can hopefully sort out replacing the fans.

I'm proud of what Steve's achieved today though.

Mitzi is coming home on Wednesday!!!  Only until Saturday so that she can have another wash, but she's coming home!

It can't come soon enough!

Prescription swallowed and I want a semi-early night, so I'm gonna shut down now.

Nite nite orl!  💤💤💤

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