Monday 13 April 2020

Monday 13th April 2020

Mornin' all.

I've taken the puppy out for her stroll, fed her, dosed myself up with paracetamol for my back and taken my morning pills, so I'll be reading the book for the rest of the day now.

The recycling truck has just turned up, so as soon as that's been collected I'll bring the box and blue bag in and Steve'll have to take them through to the kitchen for me 'cos I'll be in absolute agony by the time I've brought them in and closed the front door.

The rubbish has just been taken as well, so I'm gonna take my Fitbit off to charge it up then make a start on reading again.


I'm not gonna take the 5-HTP this week, just to see if I can get through the week without it.  I took it to help with the SAD and now that the mornings and evenings are lighter, I'm thinking maybe I don't need it any more until the clocks change back again in Autumn❓  I've got 3 weeks left just in case I do still need it, I just wanna try without it is all.

The Fitbit is charging up so hopefully that'll be sorted in a couple of hours and my back feels slightly better if I sit straight up instead of hunched over like I usually am so hopefully I'll get a straighter back on the other side of this back pain too❓

Finished reading and reviewing the book now, so I can catch up on the rest of the stuff I need to do now.

Taken me pills so I'm just waiting for them to kick in now, then I'll head off to bed.  Absolutely cream crackered this evening❗

That's the Fitbit page updated for last week.  Got the brief summary to put up tomorrow then that's it for another week.

I'm heading to bed now... nite nite orl❗

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