Wednesday 22 April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Mornin' all

Had a late night after all last night, 'cos I had an email from Net Galley with the solution to my profile editing issue so I was exploring that and time kinda slipped away from me... woke up earlier than usual too but somehow still managed to sleep for 8 hours and 19 minutes, was only restless 4 times and took 6 steps in my sleep since midnight instead of my usual double figures, so I must have been totally wiped out.

Took the puppy out for her stroll and worked out that my runny nose is plant pollen and sneezing is tree pollen 'cos apparently there are trees over the wall at the end of the road, so they've obviously just woken up too 'cos I've been sniffing for the last couple of weeks because of the weeds outside our living room window but the sneezing only started today, after bringing the puppy back home from our daily stroll.

I've taken all my morning pills and started the virus scan off nice and early this morning, so I can spend the day reading and reviewing now❗

Because of the virus scan running, we're having a mug of zoop each for lunch today, as is our tradition.  Veggie burgers for lunch tomorrow then we'll decide what to have after that, on the day we have it.  Steve's cooking at home every day, so those bribes obviously worked all those months ago 🤣

The virus scan has just finished... literally while I was bringing in my mug of soup, so I'll set the backups going while I drink it and carry on reading the book until it's finished.  Getting on for 60GB to back up this week, so it's a good job I ordered the second external hard drive when I did❗

When I went for a wee, I accidentally snagged the lead for the external hard drive, so had to start again 😞  Just waiting for my documents folder to finish backing up now, then that's it for another week.  Worked out that I've got enough space left for about another 10 weeks worth of backups.

I've taken my Calcium now so as soon as the backups have finished in about half an hour or so, I'll be able to check my emails and put up the photo's of the puppy dog on my homepage.

Backups have finished and I've got exactly 500GB free, which should see me through for the next 10-ish weeks and my OCD is happy with the number too.  I'm gonna check my emails for the first time today now.

Restore point created so I can upload the photo's of the puppy dog now.

That's my last two pills of the day taken and I'm just over half way through the book, so I'll keep reading until they kick in and hopefully 🤞 have an early night tonight.

I've finished chapter 18 and I've got 64 pages left to read tomorrow then the review to write and publish.  It's a 4 star book I reckon - the author has really got into it and has a fantastic way with words, I just hope I remember what I've read today is all.

I'm off to beddy-byes now, for an early night.

Nite nite orl❗

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