Thursday 9 April 2020

Thursday 9th April 2020

Mornin' all.

I've walked and fed the puppy, so it's time for me pills now.  It's Thursday so I don't take the FA so I can take all my daily pills now and just leave the two prescriptions until this evening as normal.  Absolutely exhausted already though, which doesn't bode well for the rest of the day 🤣

That's all my pills taken until bedtime now and I'm already starting to feel better - significantly less exhausted, my mood is lifting, more awake already and my energy levels are increasing too.  It'll take a while to get them all working for me again, but forgetting all of my supplements yesterday definitely showed me how much they are all helping.  It's a PITA to swallow 9 pills (4 prescriptions and 5 supplements) a day, but my body definitely needs every one of them to function❗

Steve's sister has bought some doughnuts for us and apparently they're being delivered today between 7am and 12pm and we're definitely having pasta bol for lunch today and I wanna write another couple of manuscripts too, so it's gonna be a busy day today❗

That's the doughnuts delivered, so I can safely write until lunchtime now.

The supplements are already working on my knees 'cos they've gone from weak and shakey and telling me that I really should sit down before I fall down like they were when I came back with the puppy, to normal for me aches and pains now, after about an hour❗  I'll never doubt their support again 'cos my body obviously needs it❗

Just finished writing the first manuscript of the day and submitted it.  We're not having pasta bol after all... chips or hash browns instead after all.  It's still made here though, so I won't comlain too loudly  😉

Steve's just made a partial payment to Virgin again, so I'm glad I moved the money out of the joint savings account for H now, otherwise he'd have used that again and taken credit again.  I've suggested lowering our internet speed and TV packages so that we can reduce the monthly bill, but I reckon he won't, or if he does, he'll claim credit for the idea.  Again.

So fed up of me being blamed for things going wrong and him claiming credit for things that go right, even when the credit-worthiness is down to me not him and the negatives are down to him, not me.

Steak-cut chips for lunch instead of the pasta bol, but that's OK 'cos most of our meals are home-cooked now, instead of take-aways which is all I want  🙂

We're having pud today, a very rare treat nowadays❗

That's the second manuscript of the day written and submitted.  Gonna write the third one of the day then hopefully have a reasonably early night.

That's the third one written and submitted.  The last title is the same as one of the others so I've only got two more left to write now.

Got loads of photo's of the puppy dog to put up on my site, but I need to reboot first, but I'll be back after that.


Back now❗  Time to sort out the photo's now.

Photo's up on my homepage and pills taken, so I'm heading to bed now... nite nite orl❗ 💤

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