Sunday 26 April 2020

Sunday 26th April 2020

Mornin' all.

I've walked and fed the puppy dog, emailed the spreadsheet to myself, ready to put on my site, taken my pills, refilled the box for the week and I'm just waiting for Steve to come out of the bathroom so that we can sort the rubbish and recycling out now.

That's the rubbish and recycling sorted for another week.  Steve said that we're recycling more and binning less now too, 'cos for the last few weeks we've just put a single black bag of rubbish into our black rubbish sack and apparently the kebab containers we treated ourselves to on Friday took up at least half of the rubbish bag this week, so we're doing impressively well now.  He also said that we aren't arguing and shouting and sulking with each other about it any more either, which is even better❗

We've got a roast dinner coming today and apparently my roast dinner and pud were cheaper than just the kebab I had on Friday which is even better value for money and we're supporting small, local, family businesses instead of huge companies too, which is awesome and what I much prefer to do 'cos small businesses and farmers need the money more than big businesses.

Just had our roast dinner and apparently it was only £19 for 2 huge dinners and 2 puds which is even better value than I thought 'cos it's usually that much for one person's junk food lunch which is usually half the size and less filling too❗

Here's a photo of just the main, before I tucked in:

I had cherry crumble for me pud and that was gorgeous too... forgot to take a photo of it though❗ 🤣

That's my evening pills taken and I'm absolutely wiped out after such a huge lunch, so I'm off to bed for an early night now.  Nite nite orl❗ 💤

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