Saturday 11 April 2020

Saturday 11th April 2020

Had a busy morning so far... walked and fed the puppy, took all me pills, put loads of photo's up on my site, sorted the exercise spreadsheet I sent myself last night, got reassurance about a government text I had last night, replied to all my emails and had a mug of decaf coffee.  Time to have a bath then get changed now, I reckon.

We're having a Mugshot and apple pie for lunch today after Steve "stood up for too long doing the washing up" which is fine by me❗

My mobile is charged up now, so I'm gonna jump in the bath for a while... the water heater has been on in the bathroom since yesterday evening, so hopefully I'll be able to have a loooong, hot bubble bath today, instead of my usual short one's 'cos there isn't enough hot water in the tank.

Be back as soon as I can❗

Ooooh, that was so good❗❗  Last time I had a bath, there was only enough hot water for half a top-up but today there was plenty of hot water even after 2 top-ups, so I reckon I'll try and remember to do that next time I have a bath too... put the water heater thingy on the evening before a lunch-time or later bath.  The muscle relaxer bubble bath worked its magic again too, 'cos my legs and arms feel more relaxed and usable now instead of being seized up and achey.  The shop I got it from only sells a version for men now though, so I'll have to try one of their other ones instead, when I get further down the current bottle 😔

Steve's making me a cuppa now and I'll start reading and reviewing the book while I drink it... be on the look out for the review on my writing site and associated writing blog in the next few days... if you write for children, maybe become a member of the site too❓

Got my cuppa now, so time to zone out and start reading the book.  BBL❗

That's me last pills of the day taken and I'm up to chapter 9 in the book.  Gonna read one more chapter then check my email and stuff for the rest of the evening.

I'm all sorted for heading to bed now... read 10 chapters today and I'm a quarter of the way through it now, so I'll hopefully be finished on Tuesday night.  Going to have an early night tonight though, so I'm off to bed 🛌 to catch some sleep.  Nite nite orl❗ 💤

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